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Our Services

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We specialize in repair, assembly, and maintenance services for all makes and models of fitness equipment. 


Our experienced technicians will diagnose and repair all possible fitness equipment issues you can encounter. From error codes, speed and tension issues to squeaks, knocks, and loose components, we have you covered.


Our professional install and assembly teams provide a full range of services to suit your needs. We provide moving services, assembly on site, dismantling for safe moving, and full gym installations. We have individual installers as well as teams of 2 or more technicians ready for action.


Routine maintenance can dramatically increase the life of your fitness equipment. We provide maintenance packages that follow the recommended manufacturer specifications and beyond, at your desired time intervals.

Gym Service

We provide service and maintenance packages for large and small gyms, clinics, and facilities so that you can keep your equipment in top shape around the clock. We also do full gym installations and can supply high quality equipment made right here in Canada.

Parts Supply

When parts are needed to repair your equipment, we handle the part sourcing and can assist you with submitting claims for warranty parts as well. We exhaust all options for finding reasonably priced parts for all equipment, no matter how old or new.

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